Helight Sleep

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  • Fácil de usar Apto para todos, incluso para niños
  • Intensidad programable según su preferencia
  • Recargable a través del puerto micro-USB
  • Duración total de un ciclo: 28 minutos (14 min, luego extinción gradual)
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An added value for all wellness professionals

A new ally for the performance and recovery of athletes

Cutting-edge technology for well-being at work and QWL

Photobiomodulation (PBM) to activate the natural cell repair process

Thanks to a process comparable to plant photosynthesis, called “photobiomodulation” (PBM), Helight™ allows cells to transform red light into energy using a particular wavelength (630 nm). The Helight™ device does not emit blue, UV or infrared light.





Helight Light

Helight Pro



Wellness professionals: Helight™ Pro brings added value to any type of care

Thanks to its mastery of this technology, Helight offers protocols adapted to several fields (well-being, beauty, health) enhancing over time the benefits of other manual or technological care provided by practitioners

Helps to repair and reduce stretch marks, improves the appearance of scars

Acts sustainably on stress for a feeling of relaxation and overall well-being

Helps relieve pain and tension

Restores radiance to skin complexion as part of anti-aging care
age and rejuvenation

Treats hair: hair densification, regrowth and prevention of hair loss

Athletes: recover faster perform better with red light

Used by osteopaths and physiotherapists, the Helight™ Pro’s red light has demonstrated its effectiveness with their athletic patients.

Non-invasive, natural and simple, the Helight™ Pro solution acts in prevention and recovery for all athletes.

Helps relieve and prevent muscle cramps and contractures

Facilitates ease, flexibility and joint mobility

Promotes relaxation and stress management after training or competition

Helps fight sleep disorders and sleep difficulties

Promotes mental recovery, concentration and alertness (cognitive functions)

Businesses: Helight™ Pro innovates to improve quality of life at work (QVT) and reduce psychosocial risks (RPS)

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate this: red light has a positive impact on stress, mood, concentration and even alertness.

With Helight™ Pro in the workplace, employees can take a refreshing break in just 10 minutes. After the session, the person can resume their activities without transition. The benefits of light persist over time. Medical studies have shown improvement in sleep at night at bedtime and quality of sleep.

The Helight™ Pro is suitable for all types of businesses, from SMEs to large corporations.

Decreased states of stress and fatigue

Improved concentration, alertness and memory

Positive action on mood and motivation

Better management of emotions

Reduced risk of seasonal depression

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